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SketchUp Shop is the DIY 3D modeling software that makes designing as fun as building.

SketchUp Shop
各項木工、3D 列印和 DIY 專案所需要的工具。

A Maker’s dream: The tool every woodworking, 3D printing, and DIY project needs

You’re never without a project, and we’ve always got your back. SketchUp Shop has a web-based 3D modeler that helps you visualize your idea, so you can measure as many times as you need… and cut only once. Welcome to your very own DIY 3D modeling software, SketchUp Shop.

您一定會愛上 SketchUp Shop

Web 版 SketchUp





透過 SketchUp Viewer for Mobile 向真實世界呈現專案。

Advanced interoperability

匯入 DWG、DXF、STL 等各式各樣的檔案。您也可以匯出 OBJ、SKP、3DS 等不同類型的檔案。

Customer support


Customized styling


Eric Schimelpfenig

Most software is a cumbersome tool that must be overcome to get to the fun part: creativity and problem solving. SketchUp encourages design like nothing else out there.

— Eric Schimelpfenig AKBD

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Web 版 SketchUp
Trimble Connect
SketchUp 檢視器
3D Warehouse

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Our full-featured, web-based modeler
匯出至 3D 印表機等!