SketchUp Pro Resellers

从 SketchUp 合作伙伴处采购

授权转售商是我们信赖且相交多年的合作伙伴。SketchUp Pro 转售商均为当地专家,他们将为您提供咨询、培训和支持,与您讲相同的语言,处于相同的时区。

​SketchUp 合作伙伴提供:
  • 本地专家和支持
  • 实操专业培训
  • 补充包和优惠



  • SketchUp is the only software I have used where I feel a strong support community that I can rely on and local dealers makes a huge difference as they understand the industry standards in my country.
    - Elly Ball
    Interiors and Training
  • After receiving some excellent on and off-topic advice from Cadsoft Solutions we now use them for all of our SketchUp and Plugin requirements. They are the go to guys for this market!
    - Kevin Jackson
    Paragon Interiors Group PLC