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Tom Kaneko Design & Architecture: Sketch, Design / Build in Practice

Tom Kaneko is an architectural designer specializing in bespoke residential retrofits, delivering value to clients on schedule and on budget.

studioJDK: An arch-viz story

Ideas. Where do we get them? Studio JDK shares the creative process driving their design for The Children's Museum of St. Augustine.

Leers Weinzapfel Associates: On Collaboration, Sustainable Buildings, and Timber Structures

Leers Weinzapfel Associates is a Boston-based, award-winning practice specializing in architecture, urban design, and infrastructure projects.

Arquitectura Fantástica: SketchUp as School of the Mind

What happens when you mix old school architectural methodologies with new school modeling? Students at the University of Navarra have created some spaces via complex, collaborative modeling.

Nick Sonder: From Concept to Construction Drawings in SketchUp Pro

从令人惊叹的立面图到内部和外部的细节,Nick Sonder 都能使用 SketchUp Pro 和 LayOut 准确地完成施工文件。

Our friend, Steve Oles

谁说软件应用程序没有朋友?来见见我们的老朋友和灵感之源 Steve Oles 吧。


从最初阶段的原理图设计到最后的施工管理,SketchUp Pro 可提供全程帮助。编程、制图、体量、设计开发、细部、文档编制、响应到 RFI——任何需要图纸之处,您就需要 SketchUp Pro。

    • 优质商品,欲购从速

      没有人想将时间浪费在学习复杂的软件上。 SketchUp Pro 无疑是世界上最直观的 3D 绘图工具,易学易用。

    • 通过 3D 绘画思考

      我们将 SketchUp 设计为您的第三只手。其设计理念是让您摆脱束缚,随心所至地绘图。

    • 通过设计创意快速复制

      我们喜欢建筑师用一层又一层的描图纸发展和完善自己的创意。同样,SketchUp Pro 生来简单,就是为了让您实现复制。

    • 生成精确的成比例 2D 图纸

      SketchUp 并非单纯的 3D 建模工具。用 LayOut 可绘制平面图、立面图、细部、标题栏和其他图表。更改模型之后,文档也可随之更改。简单又方便。

    • 生成演示文档

      SketchUp Pro 包含 LayOut —— 一款极为强大的工具,具有页面布局、绘制草图、矢量图和幻灯片演示等功能。

    • 创建引人注目可视化成品的和漫游

      使用 SketchUp Pro 将您的模型变成地面漫游和空中飞越动画,详尽解释设计的每一个细节。


  • I started using Sketchup Pro as a solution for presentations. I quickly realized that LayOut would allow me to completely eliminate my CAD program—I could create construction documents directly from the presentation model.
    - Dan Tyree
  • Our design process is very iteration-heavy. The reason we use SketchUp is because we can do so many iterations so quickly.
    - Brent Linden
    Allied Works
  • I have really based my practice – for years now – around SketchUp. Once you get rid of the thought that it’s going to work like AutoCAD, you realize, 'Thank God it doesn’t work like that. It works like SketchUp should.'
    - Nicholas Sonder
  • SketchUp Pro is a major part of how we design and it often empowers our clients to get their hands dirty by downloading models, exploring, and trying out layouts or different types of furniture.
    - James Homer
    10K Design


  • 查找任意事物的 3D 模型

    您正在设计的房间里需要一把椅子?车库里需要一盏灯?为动物园添一头犀牛?这些全都能在 3D Warehouse 中找到 —— 这是世界上最大的免费 3D 模型库。


    最终,3D 模型发展成了专业的 2D 图集。SketchUp Pro 中的 LayOut 可帮助您为模型编制文档和画出细部图,并创造出让您引以为豪的图纸。

    定制 SketchUp

    SketchUp 扩展程序是附件工具,可解决令您绞尽脑汁的 3D 建模难题。有数百种扩展程序可供您探索。