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Take your model from 3D to 2D with rich, clear documentation.

3D Warehouse

Explore the world’s largest pre-made 3D model library.

Extension Warehouse

Optimize your workflow with third-party extensions.

VR model viewing

Tour project models in the office or on site at 1:1 scale.

Mobile Viewer

Open .SKP files from anywhere, right on your mobile device.

SketchUp for Web

Effortlessly model projects in your web browser.

Trimble Connect

View, share, & access project information from anywhere.


Ensure your project is energy efficient from the start.


Gain valuable climate insights to guide your project.

Add Location

Give context to your models by adding the backdrop of reality.

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Self Paced Tutorials
Self Paced Tutorials

From essential concepts to get you started, to niche industry tracks to really refine your workflow, SketchUp Campus has got it all. Jump in with a click, take a break when necessary, and pick up right where you left off.

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Short Learning Videos
Short Learning Videos

Already flexin’ those SketchUp muscles? Don’t stop there! Get extra savvy with these short skill-boosting videos made just for you.

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See What Others are Doing
See What Others are Doing

Knowledge is power. From personal projects to robust, professional 3D models, see how others are strolling into workflow bliss without the stress of complicated software.