SketchUp for Schools

Browser-based SketchUp for Primary and Secondary schools signed up with G Suite for Education.

SketchUp for Schools

Что такое SketchUp for Schools?

SketchUp for Schools — это основное средство моделирования SketchUp в веб-браузере для начальных и средних школ, включающее G Suite for Education.

Интеграция с Google Диск и Google Класс

Работает с хромбуками и любыми компьютерами, подключенными к Интернету.

Учебная программа SketchUp For Schools

  • Intro

    SketchUp for Schools 3D Printing Guide

    A complete guide to 3D printing in SketchUp for Schools.

  • Beginner

    SketchUp Logo

    Model the SketchUp step box logo and learn the basics of how to build a model for 3D printing.

  • Intermediate

    Name Tag

    Give your backpack some personality with a custom 3D printed name tag.

  • Advanced

    Custom Castle

    Who can 3D print the coolest castle? Build on the basics and take a deep dive into SketchUp to make a castle that’s your very own.

  • Intro

    SketchUp for Schools Introduction

    New to SketchUp for Schools? Get primed on all the need-to-know basics before tackling the SketchUp for Schools tutorials.

  • Beginner

    Turtle Sandbox

     Build 3D shapes, add colors, and (most importantly) have fun while making your very own Turtle Sandbox.

  • Intermediate

    Pirate Ship Playhouse

    Build a playhouse worthy of the schoolyard! Learn about SketchUp's draw tools, materials library, and 3D Warehouse while making your very own Pirate Ship Playhouse.

  • Advanced

    Mike's Malt Shop

    Learn the ins-and-outs of modeling in SketchUp for Schools as you build Mike's Malt Shop. You'll be a SketchPert in no time!

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