SketchUp Viewer: Explore 3D models in mixed and augmented reality

Experience your designs

Bring 3D models to life in mixed reality, and step into a powerful new way to explore, understand, and share your work.

Your designs. Your world.
Together at last.

The truer the experience of a design, the better you can understand and communicate it. SketchUp Viewer on HoloLens brings you into your ideas, and allows you to experience them like never before.

3D for… mixed reality

Mixed reality enables an entirely new way to experience your project models: right in front of you, holographically virtualized in physical space.

Immerse and inhabit

Imagine immersing yourself in a 1:1 scale experience of your design. When you inhabit your work, you achieve a deep and lasting understanding of it.

Don't take our word for it...

  • The ability to bring our designs into the physical world is changing the way we think about how we work. SketchUp Viewer is giving us the ability to live within our designs before any construction happens.
    - Alan Robles
  • Mixed reality technology is a game changer for visualizing designs and design options. We use the SketchUp Viewer to review and approve mission-critical designs by verifying the interaction and constructability of complex systems as they will be installed.
    - Carl Goodiel
    Hensel Phelps
Scale models

Physical models cost time and money. Mixed reality models in SketchUp Viewer can be infinitely reconstructed and rescaled to suit your needs.

Total immersion

Whoever heard of a 1:1 scale model? With SketchUp Viewer, you can immerse yourself in a project at its true scale for the best possible experience of what your design will really feel like.

'We-see' collaboration

Grab your team and launch a co-located or distributed 'We-see' viewing session. Communicate via chat and audio, and use virtual 'sight-guides' to understand who is looking at what. Use SketchUp Viewer to experience, understand, or resolve complex spatial dynamics.

Experience + information = decision

Access everything you need in mixed reality. You can easily fly around your project models by choosing from the list of scenes that you've created in SketchUp, then focus the conversation by toggling on-and-off model layers. SketchUp Viewer also includes features like the Tape Measure and Entity Info tools, so important information is (virtually) at your fingertips.

Finally, step into 3D

First, buy the headset

Microsoft HoloLens is the first self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to engage with digital content and interact with holograms in the world around you. Learn more about the HoloLens and purchase directly from Microsoft.

Get a HoloLens

Starting at $3,000

Then, buy the app

Get SketchUp Viewer by visiting the Microsoft Store on your HoloLens device. Purchase and install, then start loading models from Trimble Connect and 3D Warehouse. Or, publish models from SketchUp directly using the AR/VR Extension.

Get SketchUp Viewer

Starting at $1,499


Thanks for your information, we will be reaching out to you as soon as possible. This technology is pretty new and we’re fielding a lot interest!

In the meantime, we encourage you to learn more about the Microsoft HoloLens and the SketchUp Viewer.


Thanks for your information. We’re excited about this technology too, so we will be reaching out to you as soon as possible.