Trainer Application

Do you love SketchUp as much as we do and love sharing that excitement with others?

Are you outside of North America? All authorized training outside of North America will be operated by key resellers and partners who are in the process of creating their training programs. If you are interested in offering authorized training it will need to be though one of these partners. We will list their information soon.

If you are located in North America there is no official SketchUp authorized training program. However, there are lots of people out there looking for SketchUp training and there are many excellent SketchUp trainers. Our goal is to connect you.

While we don't certify trainers or endorse any particular companies, we will list your training services on our website. Because we want to ensure the best experience for our SketchUp users, there are some requirements to make sure you take training seriously.

1. A website.

You must at a minimum have a website with your SketchUp training services and expertise clearly presented. We are looking for a landing page specifically for SketchUp customers that we will link to.

2. A prepared SketchUp course.

We do not provide or designate the training curriculum. However you must have at least one course created for SketchUp that includes in-depth handouts for your students. This is more than a simple outline of your class, we are looking for well made handouts that show a clear understanding of the material you are teaching to your students.

Submission guidelines:

  • Company and contact name
  • Location
  • Class handout in PDF format for our review
  • Brief description of your company and your SketchUp expertise in 500 characters or less. No hyperlinks are allowed.

We reserve the right to take down any listings at any time for any reason.

We hope this will be a good opportunity for you and a great resource for the SketchUp community.

Trainer Application