Move mountains with your design

From planters to parks, landscape architects use SketchUp to bring their ideas to life.

3D landscape design tool

Create and modify 3D terrain

Quickly turn contour lines into surfaces, drape hardscape elements onto uneven ground, and modify existing terrain. Start with 2D CAD files, 3D models, DEM data, or import your own imagery and scan data. Better yet, use SketchUp’s Geo-location tool and bring in exact terrain imagery with the click of a button.

Garden design software

Pull entourage objects from 3D Warehouse

You don’t have to model everything you need from scratch. In fact, hundreds of thousands of entourage objects — from vegetation and vehicles, to people — are available for download (for free) from SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse.

Landscape architecture in mixed reality

Present to impress

Tell a richer story with your model using animations, images, and videos. Create flyovers and walkthroughs that glide clients through your model. Clearly communicate your design vision by exporting high-quality images and videos that show variations and details. Want to impress your clients even more? Put your SketchUp model into a VR/AR headset and watch the “wow’s” roll in.

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Design & collaborate anywhere.

  • SketchUp for Web
  • SketchUp for iPad
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The SketchUp you know and love… and so much more.

  • Desktop Client
  • 2D documentation
  • Model Viewing

Fast 3D modeling. Powerful building performance analysis.

  • Energy & Daylight Analysis
  • Desktop Client
  • 2D documentation

Your winning toolkit


Specify longitude and latitude and pull in terrain imagery directly into your model with a click of a button.

Real-time shadow studies

See exactly where shadows will fall at any time of day, on any day of the year, anywhere on earth.

Photorealistic rendering extensions

Use one of many third-party solutions to produce jaw-dropping renderings. Reflections and photoreal textures are only an extension away.


SketchUp speaks DWG, DXF, KMZ — and a whole bunch of other 3D file formats — so your workflow is never interrupted.

Your winning toolkit

Small teams delivering big value

With a heavy focus on dense urban environments, LOFTSIXFOUR visualizes and executes unique, immersive rooftop and outdoor amenities for a variety of top-level architects and real estate developers.

Immersive rooftop experiences

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