SketchUp For Schools Curriculum

SketchUp for Schools 3D Printing Guide

A complete guide to 3D printing in SketchUp for Schools.


SketchUp Logo

Model the SketchUp step box logo and learn the basics of how to build a model for 3D printing.


Name Tag

Give your backpack some personality with a custom 3D printed name tag.


Custom Castle

Who can 3D print the coolest castle? Build on the basics and take a deep dive into SketchUp to make a castle that’s your very own.

SketchUp for Schools Introduction

New to SketchUp for Schools? Get primed on all the need-to-know basics before tackling the SketchUp for Schools tutorials.


Turtle Sandbox

Build 3D shapes, add colors, and (most important) have fun while making your very own Turtle Sandbox.


Pirate Ship Playhouse

Build a playhouse worthy of the schoolyard! Learn about SketchUp's draw tools, materials library, and 3D Warehouse while making your very own Pirate Ship Playhouse.


Mike's Malt Shop

Learn the ins-and-outs of modeling in SketchUp for Schools as you build Mike's Malt Shop. You'll be a SketchPert in no time!