Renzo di Furia

Renzo di Furia
NW Regional Manager, Virtual Design and Construction

Renzo is a VDC Department Manager for Turner Construction Company, residing in Seattle, Washington. He has worked in the construction industry for over 25 years, serving in various roles including Project Engineer, Superintendent, Sr. Estimator, Survey/Layout Manager, and Concrete Department Manager. Renzo has over 12 years’ experience using 3d modeling tools, and has spent many years developing a simplified approach to BIM implementation. His method complements staff roles, promotes operational excellence, and maximizes quality, productivity and safety. He currently manages a group of expert virtual modelers, emphasizing processes that support craftsmanship and improve trade installation. His VDC group also focuses on developing carpentry prefabrication improvements through applied research, specializing in parametric modeling and digital fabrication tools. Renzo participates in speaking engagements at industry conferences and events, sharing his development and implementation of VDC and carpentry focused work-flows.

Speciality Areas: 
3D Printing