SpeakUp - April Fools 2017

Introducing SpeakUp

Audible modeling is here.

Don't take our word for it...

  • A game-changer for SketchUp. This innovative technology devours the competition.
    - Bryceasaurus
    Prehistoric, Inc.
  • SpeakUp allows me to practice martial arts and model my new Dojo at the same time. There’s nothing better!
    - Sensei Tommy
    The Multitask Dojo
  • SpeakUp lets me design skate park features while practicing kick flips in my garage. This is the technology of the future!!
    - Spark E. Rhipjyns
    Skaters Palette
  • SpeakUp took my design workflow to the next level, dude!
    - Carlos Ray
    Roundhouse Architects

Hands-free design is here