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Lumos: Making solar beautiful and practical in SketchUp

SketchUp helps Lumos Solar communicate with architects, builders, and owners throughout product design, marketing, site analysis, and project delivery.

What makes a great 3D Model?

Turn your product catalog into 3D models that professional designers can quickly find and specify in their own designs. Start by making your models work great in SketchUp.

Quick, creative concepts

Don’t waste time transferring conceptual product ideas from your head to the computer. SketchUp lets you quickly prototype and iterate until you land on a winning design direction.

    • Get good, fast

      SketchUp Pro is hands-down the most intuitive and easy-to-learn 3D drawing tool on the planet. In no time, you’ll be prototyping concepts and communicating design intent to your team.

    • Iterate quickly through design ideas

      We love how designers use layers of tracing paper to develop and improve their ideas. Similarly, SketchUp was born to let you iterate. You’ll turn concepts into feedback-friendly drawings faster than ever, and save hours of time turning around changes in early-stage design reviews.

    • Think by drawing in 3D

      We designed SketchUp to behave like an extension of your hand. The idea is to get out of your way so that you can draw whatever you want, however you want.

    • Get designed in

      Establish your brand’s presence on 3D Warehouse -- the world’s most popular 3D content sharing site. With over 21 million visits a year, an entire planet of designers will see what you’ve been working on. Learn More about content marketing on 3D Warehouse.

    • Play nice with others

      Adding the SketchUp file format to your existing content catalog is easier than you might think. SketchUp Pro reads and writes a variety of CAD and 3D file formats , so it’s easy for professional designers to import your products and hand-off their designs.

    • Create compelling visualizations

      Turn your designs into compelling visualizations that showcases every detail. Leverage SketchUp extensions to turn your designs into photo-realistic renderings.

Don't take our word for it...

  • We can easily move through a model, create animations, move the sun across a solar panel, and give [clients] an idea of what it’s going to feel like under our arrays.
    - Christopher Klinga
    Lumos Solar
  • SketchUp helps us communicate proof-of-concept furniture designs to clients and engineers, while also being a great space planning tool and visualization platform.
    - Wes Harper
    OFS Brands
  • We can start solving problems very early in the product development process and get to better solutions faster. SketchUp is a critical factor in our success.
    - Karl Mead
  • I was able to very rapidly create new models, refine the models that I had, and create a better bicycle very, very quickly.
    - Chris Connor
    Connor Wood Bicycles

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